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Cristina Gonzalez will be providing awesome movement through yoga and more in her camp called Let's Move!

I have a love of movement that is rooted in dance. I studied classical ballet through childhood and adulthood. I am fortunate to have experienced the lessons of Afro-Cuban, Flamenco, Graham, Limon and Salsa, which have shaped me to this day. Once I was introduced to non-dance movement in 1995, I enjoyed movement disciplines such as Qi Gong, Pilates and yoga in several styles. I have served as a certified K-12 educator with a desire to share the healing benefits of mindful movement. Here are some of the schools which I have been influenced by: School of the Toronto Dance Theatre Professional Training Program, University of Toronto, Teaching English as a Second Language and Downward Dog Yoga Centre, 300 hour Yoga Teacher Certification, just to name a few.

I have taught dance to youth since 1996 and yoga classes since 2004. It has absolutely become my passion, which is why I am joyful to share the healing and expressive benefits of movement. I love to learn and teaching always leads to new learning. I prefer to refer to myself as a "co-learner", as I am learning alongside the students, about life. Their feedback becomes my future expression, their interests drive my direction and their challenges require my strength to assist.

My camp supports the S for Science in STEAM in that we will learn anatomy in an organic and applied manner. We will also be supporting the A for Art and M for Mathematics in STEAM through our use of rhythm of breath and dance, shapes and geometry of poses and actions, patterns in yoga movement and dance.

I am excited to connect learners to their bodies through the power of their minds and imaginations – that moving can be FUN and no one needs to be perfect. As Einstein once said: "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." We are all unique and we can express this through movement, as well.

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