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Desiree Schell brings you Oval Penny's Alchemist's Publishing Club for kids and adults, alike!

(Elementary students will need an adult to assist with technology)

I have accomplished a Bachelor of Arts in International Marketing, a Bachelor of Education and my highest level of education is a Master's degree in counseling. I have been teaching for nearly 20 years in public school in Sarasota, Florida and am now completing 10 years at Pine View School. I have been writing much of my life but have only recently seriously worked toward publishing a series, brought on by this exceptional club!

My intention in establishing the Alchemist's Publishing Club was to mentor students and adults in their writing and publishing efforts. Turns out, it has greatly affected my life and I am thrilled to bring my newly lit passion of writing for joy, to you!

I am offering two levels of writing/publishing instruction within my club. My less experienced writers will experience some hands-on instruction and practice, and then be released to free write on the Storyjumper platform. My more experienced writers will be engaging in video interfaces through both the MasterClass platform, as well as the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). We will have time to practice that which we view, as well as free write. Additionally, this club is a great resource for learning to self-publish, as well as line yourself up with professional editors and agents for review of your work.

My camp supports the T for Technology, A for Arts and M for Mathematics of our STEAM camp. Some might wonder, M for Mathematics, in writing? Absolutely! Between a mathematical query scenario set out by me for the campers to write their way out of, to playing with plot line and plot triangles, math is definitely a part of writing a great story!

When all else collapses in the world, ART leads! I can't wait to write and dream with each of you!

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