Jamie Molina

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Jamie Molina brings you: Theater Immersion: dance, improv & more!

I come to you with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emerson College (Musical Theater). I have worked in Kidmunity summer camps for kids at Betty Greenberg Center of Performing Arts (Beaumont, Texas), Vocal Instructor for children/teens at the Gershwin Studio (Barcelona, Spain). I have had the joy of conducting playwriting educational workshops and acted as a children’s theatre performer for Florida Studio Theatre (Sarasota, Florida).

I started doing theatre when I was 10 years old, and the arts helped me grow into the person I am today! Not only is it fun, but theatre encourages you to embrace confidence, get out of your comfort zone, and make long-lasting friendships with your cast-mates. Whether you're particularly drawn to singing, dancing, or acting (or all3), this class will allow you to express yourself freely. Just because we are all stuck at home, doesn’t mean we still can't create together and grow! I’m teaching this camp because it's important for me to mentor the next generation with an understanding of how important the arts are and how much it can benefit them personally.

My camp supports the T for Technology, E for Engineering, A for Arts, and M for Mathematics portions of our STEAM camp!

In my class, we'll be working together to perform entire musicals. We will all learn group dance numbers to perform collectively as an ensemble. Over the course of 3 weeks, the kids will also learn their individual solos/duets, and we will have a full-length performance by the end via Zoom. This class is perfect if you love to sing, dance, and act. It will include dance classes and vocal exercises. You'll also get to meet other kids who share a love of the arts! Students are encouraged to express themselves and bring your desires for new theatrical skills that you wish to learn!

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