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STEM MAGIC - $70.00 per week
Supply List (may vary due to availability)

Week 1

Safety Glasses

Bubble Gloves

Dish Soap - Different Brands to try

Plastic pipettes

Extreme Bubble Solution

Bubble Blower

Various Dish Soaps - Supply provided from home

Energy Stick



Bottles - Various Sizes

Styrofoam Beads


Neodymium Magnet

LED bulb

Plastic spoon


Metal Spoon or Fork (Will not be damaged) - Supply provided from home

LED anywhere stick on light

Alka seltzer tabs

Plastic test tubes

Test tube rack

Vegetable Oil - Supply provided from home

Week 2

Safety Glasses

Sodium Polyacrylate Powder



Mysterious water jar

UV Beads


Sunscreens to test - Supply provided from home

Newton's Beads

Hex nut


Inertia Ring

Balancing Nails

Tornado Blue


Geyser Tube

Pack of Mentos

2L bottle of Diet Coke - Supply provided from home

*Adult Supervision - for all weeks

* STEMOLOGY Supplies/Price Forthcoming

Kimberly Kassin brings you Science Scope's - Have a Blast While Learning Science!

I am an elementary science specialist, and I love science! My love of science started at a young age and has progressed throughout the years. I have earned a Master of Science degree and worked as a biologist and sixth grade science teacher.

I am dedicated to engaging children with interactive activities that are both fun and educational. I created my company, Science Scope, so that I could reach even more children and to share my passion for learning science! Additionally, I am STEM trained and created Science Scope as a way to share my passion with ever-more children in order to grow their love of science.

The lessons I will bring to our camp are hands-on and engaging with take-aways included! As the S for Science portion of our STEAM camp, we drive this engine!

Have a blast while learning science!


Week June 8th-12th:
STEM Magic-Learn about chemistry, bubble science and electricity
Week June 15th-19th:
More STEM Magic Force and Motion, Air and Air Pressure, and H2O.
Weeks June 22nd- 26th, June 2th-July 3rd and July 6-10th:
(Feel free to sign up for a single session or get the most out of this unit by signing up for all three weeks). STEMology-Learn and research animal biology and behavior.
Week July 13th-17th:
Camp on hold while chicks dry (No Science Scope camp)
Week July 20th-24th:
Pecking Order Check-Ins! 15 minute classes.

Register now for all or part of my sessions and prepare to have fun!

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