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Computational Fairy Tales

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Nikki Pietryka brings you: A Load of Code – Level II!

I have had a lifelong love of learning! I am degreed with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Project Management Professional License. Additionally, I have worked for a variety of technology companies, including Intel and Boeing, as well as homeschooled my children for four years.

I encourage you to join my camp so that I can share my love of learning and the curiosity to discover why things work in our technological world. There is great satisfaction in telling a computer what to do and getting it to do so through trial and error (debugging) and persevering through to triumph! From phone apps to robots to self-driving cad software is what makes it work. Learning how to code may lead you to develop the next big thing!

In A Load of Code-Levels I & II, campers will be engaged in critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity, thereby supporting the T for Technology, E for Engineering, all essential STEAM skills!


Week 1: activities – Advanced
Week 2: activities - Advanced
Weeks 3 & 4: Scratch animation, game creation, and more!
Weeks 5, 6 & 7: Python Programming (in Pygame)

I will be teaching along with Kathy Kourapis. We will differentiate learning for all I will be teaching along with Kathy Kourapis. We will differentiate learning for all levels! Register now for all or part of our sessions.

Join me in learning good programming habits for a lifetime and squash pigs with an angry bird at the same time!

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