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If students have a guitar or piano at home, they should bring it, even if they don't play yet. Not required.

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Twinkle Schascle Ursula Yochim, Sarasota, Florida's local musical legend, brings you Singing & Songwriting!

I am the lead singer/writer for Twinkle and Rock Soul Radio. With a background in numerous educational settings, I bring a lifetime of self-study and success. I have been singing and songwriting professionally since I was 15 years old, a Warner Bros. recording artist and long-time live performer. I have had the unequalled education of touring with greats; the likes of which are Dickey Betts, opening with Aerosmith, Indigo Girls, Marshall Tucker & Greg Allman to name a few.

I am excited to bring this learning to our community because writing songs and singing has been the greatest thing for me, and I love teaching others how to access their own creativity. My grandfather had a saying, "Art is not important, it’s the most important!" and I too hold this to be true. Expressing your humanity is what Art is and learning how to do express and feel that I can do it! feeling is the wonder and joy of Art. I love being a part of this world and cannot wait to share this feeling with you!

My camp supports the A for Art and M for Mathematics of our STEAM camp, by bringing all my experience and wealth of exuberance in sharing what I have learned throughout my career.

Music has been my life, saved my life and allowed me to be the happiest I have ever been. The more music you make, the better you feel.

Let's make an album! I can't wait to Rock out with you!

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