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Kim Kassin Appears On The News To Share Her Message About STEM And Science Scope In Southwest Florida

Meet Kim Kassin, Science Education Specialist

Science Scope is led by an amazing teacher and science education specialist, Kim Kassin. Kim’s love of science started at a young age and has progressed as she received her Master of Science degree and worked as a biologist and sixth grade science teacher.

Kim believes in engaging children with interactive activities that are both fun and educational. Kim created Science Scope so that she could reach even more children and to share her passion for learning science!

Icon Of A Graduation Cap Representing Education
  • BS in Ecology & Environmental Biology, Appalachian State University
  • MS in Elementary Education, Nova Southeastern University
Book Icon Representing Classroom Experience
  • Elementary science specialist Middle School Science teacher at University School in Ft. Lauderdale
  • Certified in Middle School Science Education
  • In the classroom, Kim’s approach was innovative and hands-on
Globe Icon Representing The Love Of Travel
  • Enjoys traveling to various parts of the USA and abroad to explore the wildlife in these regions
  • She was a member of the Orangutan Foundation International’s summer 2002 study tour to Borneo, Indonesia

“When it comes to getting kids excited about STEM, the team at Science Scope makes learning fun. Founder Kim Kassin is a top‑notch educator who understands the value in building connections between scientific concepts and hands-­on learning to create amazing experiences. I’m excited that Science Scope is featuring experiments and science demonstrations from the Steve Spangler Science collection. We’re also excited to be working with Kim Kassin as she creates a best-in‑class science experience for her lucky students.”

Steve Spangler, Founder SteveSpanglerScience.com
Kim Kassin And Steve Spangler Doing An Experiment Together
Steve Spangler with Kim Kassin, Science Education Specialist