Host a Science Scope Birthday Party!

A successful birthday party includes entertainment! Learning about STEM while having fun with Science Scope is a great activity for kids on their birthday.

All parties include a science birthday gift and card from Science Scope.

Kids And Moms Reacting To Gushing Geysers Activity At A Birthday Party

Scope of Science Show

The Scope of Science Show is an entertaining show that educates students on scientific concepts such as Optical Illusions, Air and Air Pressure, Chemistry, and Electricity.

Suitable for Pre-K – 5th graders.

Add-ons Available.

Price: $325

Science Educator Kim Kassin Demonstrating Making A Nitrogen Cloud

Full STEAM Ahead Show

The Full Steam Ahead Show is a thrilling show that offers engaging and hands on demonstrations that explore the states of matter and changes in temperature.

Suitable for 3rd – 8th graders.

Add-ons Available.

Price: $375

Wonder, Discover, and Explore Add Ons

Pricing below is for up to 15 guests. Please inquire about pricing for larger groups.

Kim Kassin Science Education Specialist And Student Doing A Spooky Halloween Activity

Snow, Yes, it can snow in Florida! Discover the excitement and fun that will occur when working with this polymer. $50

Bernoulli Bags, This activity will give participants the opportunity to be air-mazing by learning about air molecules and how they move. $50

Slime, The gold standard! Our slime has a unique assembly and offers young scientists to show off their creative side with the concoctions they design and create! $75

Gushing Geysers, 1, 2, 3 Go! Experience this explosive reaction! Ponchos are provided! $150

Create a Tornado, Whoosh! Create an energy pattern that mimics a real tornado. $150

Ask about customizable activities!

Science party favors available!